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Frequently Asked Questions

Payments - Monthly fee - Discount

The 10% one-off discount can I have only by paying online?
Yes, immediate payment by credit card or Paypal guarantees an equally immediate discount.
The 10% discount, which can be obtained by paying online, is also valid for the monthly fee?
No, the discount is only applicable on the one-time deposit.
Why do I have to pay a monthly fee?
Because the fee includes not only the design and implementation, but also other periodic services, such as domain, hosting and maintenance that are repeated over time.
If I pay a late monthly fee, what happens?
You will receive a payment reminder via email. You will have 10 days to pay off the unusual. After 10 days, without paying, we will deactivate your site, which will be reactivated as soon as you have paid the outstanding amount.
How long will I have to pay the monthly fee?
For as long as your site is online.
Can I change my mind and withdraw after a few months?
It is possible to withdraw from the contract, at no additional cost, after paying 12 monthly fees. However, to withdraw earlier, you must pay the remaining monthly payments from the 12th month.
How do I receive invoices?
Only via email, in PDF format.
How can I pay the monthly fee?
You can decide at the time of signing the contract to make monthly payment payments either by credit card or by bank transfer.
What happens after payment of the one-time deposit?
You will be contacted by our designer who will take care of activating the procedure for the development of the project.
When will I start paying the monthly fee?
At the end of the web project and its publication, the first invoice for the monthly fee will be issued with expiry at the end of the month.

Design - Procedures - Services

Who is in charge of writing the texts?
In collaboration with the Customer we define the guidelines of the communication, the salient aspects and the focus. We will take care of developing the texts that will be approved by the Customer before publication.
What does "unlimited revisions" mean?
It means that we will continue to modify, adjust and improve the proposed designs until the Customer says: "ok, I'm happy".
Do I have to choose between 4 or 5 ready-made templates?
No, we don't work that way. The proposed design will be made exclusively for each customer who can personalize every aspect and peculiarity, at will and under the guidance of our expert designer.
What does "One Page Design" mean?
It is a type of site that is developed on a single page. Very useful if there are not many topics to be studied in depth, while maintaining a very effective image impact and at the same time the ideal navigation, especially for mobile.
Can I develop my Corporate Identity in several steps, starting with the "Start" package?
Yes, it is possible. We create the site to start and in the following months or the following year we can upgrade and develop the necessary requirements for the Customer by activating the Advanced or Full Branding package or in a personalized way according to needs, paying only the difference.
Can I ask for services not included in the package purchased?
In theory, no, but we always tend to make our customers happy and we often turn a blind eye ... but don't take advantage of it!
How long does it take to complete all the work?
It is difficult to say, it also depends a little on the Client's willingness to cooperate, but usually it does not take more than 1 month to do everything.
What does "Full Responsive" mean?
It means that your site will be optimized for browsing from a PC with a big screen, from a laptop with a small screen, but also from a Tablet or Smartphone both in portrait and landscape. Having a site that looks good on all devices today is an essential feature.
Can I do without maintenance to save money?
All our sites are developed on the Joomla platform with super CMS Yootheme PRO. Updating the core, the plugins and all the instances is fundamental to guarantee the stability and security of the site.
What is the SSL Certificate?
It is a certificate issued by an independent body that guarantees the security of the site, allows its navigation in https, encrypting all incoming and outgoing data. For a hacker, manipulating a site with an active SSL Certificate is a difficult task to say the least.
How is training performed for CMS use independently?
Via skype, with screen sharing. The training is recorded and the video made available to the Customer. The training is followed by one or two coaching sessions to guarantee the complete autonomy of the Client.
Who writes and publishes posts on the Blog / News?
This is what you think about. Who better than you know what to write and publish? Training will be used to make yourself independent in the publications.
Is the printing in the costs also included for the corporate branding elements and the brochure?
No. Printing depends on print run, paper quality and other factors that cannot be predicted. So for printing production it is necessary to foresee the costs of typography. We will be able to help you by following up the printing process with the supplier that we will indicate to you or you will indicate us, if you already have one.
Are printing costs and Roll-Up support included in the Full Branding Package?
Yes, they are included for a standard support and dimensions 200x100cm. And if you need something really special and expensive, we'll talk about it.


What exactly does the "Start" package include?
  • Domain
  • Web&Mail Hosting (5 mail accounts)
  • Professional One Page Web Design
  • Development on 1 language
  • Full Responsive
  • Photo service included
  • SSL Certificate
  • Technical Maintenance and Quarterly Backup
What exactly does the "Advanced" package include?
  • Domain
  • Web&Mail Hosting (5 mail accounts)
  • Professional Web Design (up to 10 pages)
  • Development: 2 languages
  • Full Responsive
  • SSL Certificate
  • Photo service included
  • Logo Design (unlimited revisions)
  • Standard Corporate Brand Elements
  • Technical Maintenance and Quarterly Backup
What exactly does the "Full Branding" package include?
  • Domain
  • Web&Mail Hosting (5 mail accounts)
  • Professional Web Design (up to 20 pages)
  • Development: 4 languages
  • Full Responsive
  • SSL Certificate
  • Photo service included**
  • CMS with content self-management training
  • Restricted Access Area
  • Newsletter integration
  • Integrated Blog / News system
  • Custom Quarterly Analytics Report
  • Google Analytics and Search Console integration
  • Technical Maintenance and Monthly Backup
  • Logo Design (unlimited revisions)
  • Standard Corporate Brand Elements
  • Brochure Design (up to 24 pages)
  • One Roll Up
How do I choose the right package for me?
It depends on what you need. The "Start" Package basically includes only the One Page Design site, in 1 language. If you also need the logo and a Coordinated image, then you should evaluate the "Advanced" package. If you also need a Brochure, a very complex site, 4 languages and everything that the "Full Branding" Package offers, this would be the right choice. But if you want to decide in detail what you need and don't fit into one of the 3 standard packages, then you can always ask for a customized offer tailored to your needs.
What do I do if my needs do not fit into any of the three standard packages?
Ask for a personalized offer. We will contact you to define exactly your needs together and we will formulate a customized offer for you.
Ask for a personalized offer is binding? Do I have to pay anything?
No. The offer is offered free of charge and you will pay only if you decide to continue with the work, in the manner that will be defined in the offer itself.

Request a personalized offer

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